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Eluna Auction #25268 Dinner for Two at Gourmandises, Jerusalem

2/19/2019 1:29:17 PM

Bid on a NIS 250 voucher at Gourmandises Restaurant.

Dinner for Two at Gourmandises, Jerusalem

At Gourmandises you will enjoy the best of the French culinary tradition. The French proprietors and chefs have done a great job designing the restaurant itself, the menu and the tip-top execution of its dishes. True to its location in Music Square, the restaurant offers live music every day..

The calling card of this restaurant is their amazing cakes and desserts. Step in for coffee and cake, or enjoy a full dairy menu.

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10 Yoel Moshe Solomon St., Music Square,
Nachalat Shiva, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-5667222
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim Mehadrin (Dairy).

First Bid
NIS 100 
Current Bid
NIS 140 
High Bidder
Bid Increment
NIS 10
Auction End Date
2/15/2018 9:00:00 PM 
Remaining Time
The Auction has ended

The Auction has ended

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