Pe'er Bakery is considered by many Jerusalemites to be the best bakery in the city. The goods are baked in their German Colony facility and sold at a small store at the bakery and at their store in the shuk.

This is a real "mom and pop" shop, owned and run by Moshe and Shoshana Scharabi. Moshe oversees the baking while Shoshana handles the counter sales in the bakery store.

The bakery is on Hamagid Street, a small out of the way street behind Emek Refaim. The bakery is just behind the Carmeli school. You may have trouble finding the place by sight but you can't miss it by smell.

And here's what they've got:

Challot! Not just any challot. There are regular and whole wheat challot and then there are the specialty challot.

Rugalach: rich chocolaty ones. Croissants of all types, even ones filled with white chocolate.

Borekas. Not the little ones. Big ones with different fillings.

There are dairy and parve cakes, everything is separate and there is a teudat kashrut for both.

You can even pick up your kugels at this bakery, or get pies and cakes to order. This is the place to get your hamantashen, with fillings of all sorts.

Badatz Hashgacha