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About Kosher Fish Restaurants
Fish is a staple food in Israel, with its long stretch of Mediterranean coastline, Lake Kinneret and the shores of Eilat. Indeed, Israel has a collection of excellent kosher fish restaurants. Many of these restaurants were founded by fishermen who found a way of selling their catch. Others were founded by excellent chefs who appreciate the high quality fresh fish available in Israel.
The following are some of the eLuna fish restaurants throughout Israel. We invite you to visit these excellent restaurants and enjoy the amazing things that can be done with fish, one of the country's great natural resources.
Be sure to take a discount coupon at each restaurant.
Olive & Fish - 2 Jabotinsky St, Jerusalem 02-5665020

An evening in Olive & Fish – the new sister restaurant of the wonderful Olive Restaurant on Emek Refaim – conjures up images of close friends, good conversation, and fine dining. If that sounds inviting to you, you're in the right place.

Olive & Fish is located directly across from the Inbal Hotel. The intimate space fills up rapidly at dinnertime, yet the lovely restaurant never looses its elegant, low-key ambiance. The décor is understated and stylish – just what you'd expect of a restaurant of this caliber.

Olive & Fish is primarily a fish restaurant. There are basic chicken and meat dishes offered, but fish is where the chef puts most of his energy and creativity.
Olive & Fish is a sophisticated yet unpretentious eatery, perfect for almost any occasion. Given its popularity, reservations are recommended.

Armando - 88 Herbert Samuel, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 03-5101601
Where woud you expect to find a great fish restaurant?
If the Tel Aviv boardwalk comes to mind, we are on the same page.
And if you are thinking the amazing Armando Restaurant on the Tel Aviv boarwalk, you are thinking right.

Armando Restaurant is the perfect combination of delicious fish dishes, excellent wine and a delightful view of the Meditarranean Sea. Start with the freshly baked house bread, and spreads. Continue with an appetizer of fish or beef Carpaccio, and prepare for the pure fish feast that awaits you for the main course. The signature fish stew is not to be missed. Grilled meats are also a menu treat
Derby Bar - 96 Igal Alon, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 03-5614545
Derby Bar Restaurant is conveniently located in Tel Aviv, across the street and a few minutes walk from Azrieli.

Fish is the star of this menu and choices include Sea Bream, Trout, Salmon, Bass, and more. There are also specialties like the Mediterranean salmon hamburger and the Red Tuna Steak grilled in a sesame oil, herbs and ginger marinade, and served with Wasabi Puree. There are many specialty salads and side dishes, not to be missed. This is a meat restaurant and the menu also offers meat and pasta dishes.

The restaurant has a spacious, nicely designed party room.

Fishermans Kosher - Hangar 1, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 03-6824110
The Fisherman’s Kosher Restaurant is a fine fish and dairy restaurant in the port of Yafo (Jaffa). It is unique as the only kosher restaurant in the port among many non-kosher places. That is our good fortune, as the port is a breezy place to explore and enjoy, especially on a cool evening.

The Fisherman’s Kosher Restaurant offers a selection of salt-water and fresh-water fish that the kitchen will prepare in any of several ways: whole, filleted, or grilled open-faced, pan fried, or baked. The selection of fish is good and includes fresh salmon, levrak (Sea Bass), and barbunya (Red Mullet). Other options are fish and chips, and, for non-fish eaters, penne in a cream-tomato sauce. Side orders of fries (chips) or baked potato are offered with the fish.

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