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Hotel Indigo Tel Aviv
5 Aholiav Street, Diamond District, Ramat Gan
Telephone: 073 275 3807
Kashrut: Rabbanut Ramat Gan, glatt meat
Handicapped friendly

Sunday - Thursday: Breakfast: 6:30 am. - 10:30 am., Lunch: 12:00 noon - 5:00 pm., Dinner: 7:00 pm till 12:00 midnight. Friday brunch.

Blackstone Bistro & Lounge

April 2016
The gorgeous Indigo boutique hotel sits inconspicuously in the heart of the diamond district. The hotel, with its modern facade, stands out on modest Ohaliav Street. Charming tables and chairs are placed outdoors, rather incongruous in this neighborhood. Look for the modern facade and the outdoor tables. Otherwise you can pass right by the hotel and miss one of the highlights of the area.

The Indigo may be in Ramat Gan, but it is without a doubt, a big city hotel. Modern and spiffy this hotel could be in Manhattan, with one big difference - at the entrance, the hotel boasts the amazing Blackstone Bistro kosher restaurant. Show me a high end kosher restaurant in a Manhattan luxury hotel.

Blackstone Bistro offers breakfast daily, a specialty buffet brunch on Fridays and a formal dinner weekdays from 7pm prepared by the outstanding chef Kobi Abed. You know Chef Kobi from his landmark Meatos Restaurant and his new Fish Market Restaurant.

Take in the glamorous look of the Blackstone Bistro Restaurant. We love the shiny black decor, the sparkling full bar, and the comfortable upholstered chairs. Like the hotel itself, this is an intimate dining room with limited seating, but with professional service and full attention to each table.

Blackstone - Indoors

About The Blackstone Bistro & Lounge Menu

We nibbled on a bowl of olives as we perused the menu in Hebrew and English. We started our dinner with the bread basket served with three dips, and a cocktail from the bar. Bread is good, dips are nice, but when we find ourselves at a restaurant with a full bar and a professional barman, we don't miss the opportunity. The Rosetta Daiquiri was a sweet start to our meal.

Blackstone Bistro is a strong meat and fish restaurant with a European menu and subtle Asian touches. We decided to have fish and meat main courses, and balance our meal with veggie starters.

Blackstone - ChickenThe vegetable choices for the starters were Baked Cauliflower and a choice of several salads. My adventuresome dining companion was enthusiastic about some of the choices, but wary of unusual spices, I chose the mild fresh cut salad. Flavored with a pleasant sauce, the salad was agreeable and anything but mundane. The cauliflower was cooked just right with a crunchy coating. Each floret was individually placed on a dark rectangular platter, and was so pretty it was reminiscent of a sushi platter. We shared the two dishes and enjoyed them both.

The fish and meat main courses were both outstanding. Our main courses were brought to the table together, by two servers, How refreshing to be served together.

Blackstone - entreeMy platter had two fillets of fresh, flaky, sea bass with a crispy spiced breaded coating. The fillets were on a bed of vegetables with lemon sauce on the side. My companion's veal fillet in Port had three fillets cooked as requested to a perfect medium, grilled brown on the surface and a uniform juicy pink (but not red) from edge to edge. The veal was served with grilled white and sweet potatoes, and a grilled tomato. The menu was not clear about what vegetables came with the meat, so he also took a side order of chips. This turned out not to have been necessary, but the chips are a unique product of the chefís kitchen, shaped in U cross-section, crispy and delicious. We had saved some of the salad from our first course to add variety to our main courses, as the salad was quite large; we didnít finish it then, but made more of a dent in it with our main courses.

Blackstone - Dessert"Don't miss the desserts" we were told, and we always do what we are told. Restaurant manager Liroy recommended the banana crêpe dessert, an excellent recommendation. This dessert brings all the cultures together, with French filo crêpes filled with the Asian banana, covered in shredded middle eastern halvah and nuts. This was served with the European scoop of ice cream on the side. A sweet ending to a fine dining experience.

From the menu: Rossetta Daiquiri: NIS 42.Freshly Baked Artisan Bread: NIS 23. Finely Diced Salad: NIS 49, Goose Liver Carpaccio: NIS 79, Veal Fillet in Port: NIS 149, Sea Bass Fillet: NIS 129, Baby Lamb Chops: NIS 159, Angus Entrecote: NIS 139, Desserts: NIS 39,

Reservations are a must at Blackstone Bistro. When we visited this restaurant mid-week, by 8pm nearly every table was occupied by guests from outside the hotel. Guests of the hotel, they told us, generally eat earlier.

The Indigo is a boutique hotel with all the services of a big hotel. With under 100 rooms, the hotel has a spa with a full complement of treatments, a rooftop pool, and great food. The hotel provides a complimentary shuttle service to points of interest in Tel Aviv.

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