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Brenner Wine Bar
6 Brenner St. Raanana
Tel: 09-8343618
Kashrut: Rabbanut Raanana

Open Sunday - Thursday: 5:00 pm. till midnight or last customer. Open Motzei Shabbat: One hour after Shabbat till midnight or last customer. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

Brenner Wine Bar

April 2015
The food-hut on Raanana's Brenner Street just got more interesting. A new wine bar has squeezed in between Espresso Coffee Bar and the ice cream parlour. The Brenner Wine Bar is a beautifully designed and inviting bar offering a meat menu and a great selection of wines and wine cocktails. There is indoor seating at the bar and outdoor seating at small tables. By about 8pm a line starts to form, so it is wise to have reservations.

At this bar the wine takes center stage. There are some 40 different wine lables, all from kosher Israeli wineries. There are many excellent kosher wines produced abroad, I mentioned to owners Liron and Lior. Not here, we were told. Brenner Wine Bar promotes the blue and white. What can you do when the owners are a couple of Zionists.

Not just Israeli chauvinists, the owner of the Brenner Wine Bar are generous as well. Their two restaurants participate in the Table to Table and Leket programs. Avoiding conflict with Jems, the meaty beer bar at the end of the meat hut, Brenner Wine Bar worked out a menu that does not compete with the Jems concept.

About The Brenner Wine Bar Menu

The focus, we were told, are the wines, but these seasoned restaurateurs do not truck plates with a lot of white space. Dishes, intended as nishnushim with the wine, are generous enough to share. The one page menu is in 4 sections: bread-based dishes like open-faced sandwiches on toast, appetizers of meat and fish, salads and condiments. Our rule of thumb in these nishnushim restaurants where dishes are shared, is to order 3 dishes for every 2 diners. That gives you enough to share and yet to be satisfied.

"Fresh" is the operative word at The Brenner Wine Bar. All the foods - the salads and vegetable dishes - are prepared fresh during the restaurant session. "Who wants to eat tomatoes that were cut yesterday?" asks Liron. To taste good they have to be cut just moments before they are served. We agree. You're going to love those tomatoes in the salad with techina, on the eggplant baladi, and wherever they are used.

The restaurant knows their customers, and their customers like Carpacio and other cured meats and fish. These figure prominently on the menu. But Corned beef, made in house, is the signature dish. A generous pile of 180 grams of thinly sliced beef is served with gerkhin pickles and slices of radish and onions. The dish is served with a bread basket of toast with a dish of olive oil and sweet salsa. This dish is a great combination of textures and flavors, and was duly appreciated. If you prefer fish, the wine bar recommends a seared tuna dish. I preferred the smoked salmon bruschetta with asparagus, horseradish and a hard boiled egg. This dish comes with two open-faced brucheta, and was more than enough for myself and my partner. From the look of things, the most popular dish is the mini burger in a roll. They were coming out of the kitchen like hot cakes.

A wine bar offers a great opportunity to try wines that you don't know. Most of the wines are offered by the glass. My companion enjoyed a Gvaot Cabernet Sauvinion The restaurant currently offers 6 wine cocktails. I chose the Sangria, made with white wine, Gordons Gin and a list of fruits. Far from the Sangria from a bottle, this cocktail is made at the bar, is served in a large wine glass with ice, and slices of lemon. Zing! delicious. As good as the food is, I am coming back to Brenner Wine Bar for the cocktails.

The one down side that I must mention is that currently the law allows people to smoke at restaurants outdoors. Since most of the seating is outdoors be aware that you may have to endure some customer smoking.

Free parking in the Brenner 6 lot just before the restaurant. Pay parking in a lot across the street.

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