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El Gaucho

Argentinian Steak House

134 Jabotinsky St., Ramat Gan
Tel. 03-7518937
Kashrut: Meat, Mehadrin

Open Sunday - Thursday 12:00 noon till 11:30pm.
Saturday night till 11:30pm. Closed Friday and Shabbat.
Free parking for El Gaucho customers in the lot behind the restaurant.

El Gaucho

Updated January 2015
El Gaucho is a nationwide chain of Argentine grill restaurants. All of the restaurants in the chain have the same menu, but some of them do not have a Kashrut certificate. The hashgacha in the Ramat Gan branch is Mehadrin Harav Machpoud and Rabbanut Ramat Gan.

El Gaucho Ramat Gan is just 10 minutes from Tel Aviv, on the border of Ramat Gan and Bnei Brak at the corner of Jabotinsly and Ben Gurion streets. There is parking behind the restaurant. The food is top quality, freshly made and generously sized; the surroundings and service both most congenial. Come and enjoy.

The name ‘el Gaucho’ – the cowboy, together with its logo – a silhouetted cowboy on a horse - should tell you what a treat you have in store. As you know, when it comes to meat, the Argentinians know a thing or two. The restaurant itself has been designed along South American lines and is very pleasant, with pictures on the wall showing images representing South American culture. We particularly like the booths they have created at the side of the restaurant, affording diners a degree of privacy. For larger groups, there are wooden tables in the middle in various configurations. A separate room for private parties of up to 70 diners, with its own separate entrance, is also available.

El Gaucho - Ramat Gan - Indoors El Gaucho - Ramat Gan - Indoors

El Gaucho specializes in meat dishes. Choice cuts of beef are imported from South America and then put through a special aging process that further tenderizes them, making them especially succulent. Every meal is freshly prepared by the El-Gaucho grill chef on a wood burning grill.

El Gaucho - Ramat Gan - Grill Platter

About The El Gaucho Menu

The El Gaucho menu contains pictures of the dishes so you can get your order right the first time. Dishes are served at your table on an individual mini grill with simmering coals. This keeps your food warm, preserves the special grilled flavor of the meat. You’ll also get that great aroma of grilled meat throughout the meal.

First courses are tempting but we recommend that you stick to a small first course to temper your appetite while your meat is being prepared. For starters there are chorizo or spicy sausages, various empanadas (small pies) – both meat and vegetarian, or stir fried mushrooms in basil and garlic, served on a sizzling skillet. Simple yet delicious.

Now for the entrees. Most of these come in different weights, so you can choose according to your appetite. All meats come with one side dish including Argentinian salad, green beans and potatoes in various guises. The steak entrecote is everything it should be: juicy inside, grilled to perfection outside. The Argentinian ‘shipudim’ – pinchos - are beautifully spiced. There are various chicken options and even fish – an exemplary herb coated Denis with vegetables and baked potato – we love it. Having trouble choosing? El Gaucho’s knowledgeable and friendly staff will help you along.

El Gaucho’s platters are their calling card. There are two – one 700gr and the other a whole kilo! The platter is a great mix of entrecote, Asado and pullet steaks, accompanied by a variety of nicely grilled vegetables and halved potatoes. The platter is a brilliant way to try a bit of everything, and for sociable sharing with your dining partners.

El Gaucho - Ramat Gan - Grill

Last but by no means least, the very reasonable kids’ menu: let them choose from hamburgers, sausages and ‘shnitzelonim’ – all accompanied by chips, a cold drink and a small present.

Starters mostly vary between NIS 29 and NIS 39, Steak Entrecote 250gr NIS 114,
350gr NIS 139; 300gr hamburger with vegetable and chips NIS 69, grilled chicken NIS 79, grilled fish NIS 99; 700gr platter NIS 240, one kilo platter NIS 319; kids’ menu NIS 52.

From Our Readers:
Submitted by: Moshe Lichtenstein. Date: June 10, 2015. Description: 6 of us went there this week (June 2015). We were told by a local that the kashrus was fine. The vegetables were heter machira for shmita. The service was very good, and the room was very nice and comfortable.(For those with walking problems, you need to climb lots of stairs to get to the rest rooms). The food was good, but not outstanding. But still a very nice choice.

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