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Restaurant and Bar
2 Rachel Imenu, in the German Colony, Jerusalem
Tel. 02-5638000   

Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim Rav Mahpud

Open Sunday - Thursday 12:00 noon until the last customer. Fri from 12:00 until 1 hour before Shabbat. 1 hour after Shabbat until the last customer. Closed Shabbat.

April 2011
Roza is a restaurant and bar located on Rachel Imenu in the heart of Jerusalem's German Colony.

Roza is a place to enjoy a special Mexican, Italian or Jerusalem style meal. Some of the meat specialties on the menu include the fajita - a Mexican dish featuring chicken sautéed with onions, and multicolored bell peppers; vegetables in a cilantro sauce served on a sizzling skillet with tortillas. There are also tortillas with lamb sausages, tortillas with entrecote steak, and lachma bajin (a meat-filled focaccia).Other great dishes include the Veal Strip Salad served with onions and lettuce with a peanut butter dressing. For an Italian touch try the Fettuccini Bolognaise with ground lamb served in their homemade sauce.

ROZA in Jerusalem's German Colony has 3 great offers for you:

  • Take 10% off at the restaurant
  • Add 1 shekel to the price of your main course and Roza will gift you a bowl of ROZA's delicious soup.
  • Take home a loaf of fresh Focaccia with 150 shekels of take away food at their Friday buffet.

Take the coupons for these specials at the bottom of this page

A deliciously simple sandwich can run you as little as NIS 34. A burger, for example, a chicken sandwich, or an entrecote steak sandwich each come in at just NIS 34. There are also pastas, and salads, all reasonably priced, filling, and delicious.

All those rich and wonderful flavors are bound to make you thirsty and we did mention the bar. Can you guess where this is going? Sure the wine selection is excellent but we were thinking something with a South of the Border feel to it. Thatís right Margaritas!

In addition to the regular menu, there is also an economical menu featuring choices between NIS 28 and NIS 55.

A Full write up will appear here.

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Roza on Emek Refaim. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.

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