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When you hunger for meat
13 HaShoham, Industrial Park North, Caesarea
Tel: 04-6273005

Kashrut: Moetza Hadatit Or Akiva Mashgiach: Meir Shimon

Open Sunday - Thursday: 12:00 noon- 12:00 midnight. Friday - 9:00 am till one hour before Shabbat. After Shabbat till 12:00 midnight. Closed Shabbat.

April 09
Koya is a very pleasant family meat restaurant. The decor is contemporary. The atmosphere is racinformal yet stylish. The food and the service are both above average, and the portions are extremely generous. They call this a diner, but to those who remember, this restaurant is even more reminiscent of the one-time Howard Johnson rest stops on the highways in the US.

Four of us settled into a comfortable table near the picture windows at the front of the restaurant for a Koya lunch. A one-card menu was presented to us and explained very nicely by the polite and helpful waitress. At lunchtime (the eLuna discount coupon does not apply) you pay only for the main course and the starter course is free of charge. The cost of the lunch is the cost of the main course selected.

Our party of 4 chose a variety of starters: one order of vegetable soup, one salad, one chicken wings and one order of chopped liver. All the items were nicely served and the portions were very generous. The very appetizing chopped liver starter consisted of two healthy scoops of chopped liver on toast, topped with fried onions. The rich vegetable soup with whole cubed vegetables was well received and the wings, always a crowd pleaser, served in a cast-iron pan, were a hit, as always.

Our main courses were each generous servings on large platters. Two large breaded crispy shnitzels were served with a generous glob of mashed potatoes. The shnitzels were so large, our companion had one of the shnitzels packed to take home. The entrecote hamburger served on a large roll, well done through and through, was served with a prong that said "medium." Along side the burger what a heaping mountain of fried onions. Donor is a Turkish dish, which included strips of grilled Angus beef served with Chimichuri or techina sauce. The platter also contained rice, fresh salad, and green onions. Our non-meat eater chose the roasted eggplant platter with humus, served with a nice warm loaf of bread. The platter was so large it was shared around and there was plenty left over.

Koya offers several desserts, but after eating so much we agreed on one dessert for all of us, just for the taste. We chose a yummy sweet irish cream dessert on a filo dough base. Quite delicious.

The restaurant has a large well-stocked bar. One of their specialties is the Cookie Martini - a curious item that I will surely try on our next visit to Koya. This is described as a chocolate cream drink with vanilla vodka and chocolate chips. Sounds good to me.

Lunch for the 4 of us came to nis 285. The fee for dinner would have been the same but with about nis 30 extra per starter, adding about nis 120 to the bill.

From Our Readers:
From the Five Towns Yahoo Newsgroup. Date: April 09
After years of operation as a non kosher restaurant, Koya, located in the Caesarea Industrial Park (north) has recently been kashered and now operates as a kosher restaurant under the supervision of HaRav Sorani of Hof Hacarmel Regional Council.
Recommended for those interested in a new local kosher meat restaurant.
The food is also good - in my opinion. Bon appetite.

From the Five Towns Yahoo Newsgroup. Date: April 09
...last night we went to Koya to try out this newly-kosher meat restaraunt.
We thoroughly enjoyed the food, environment, wine, and service. In additon we were pleasantly surprised by the prices. So I don't know how fantabulous it was when non-kosher for Saturday lunch -- but the kosher Thursday night was a welcome addition to my list of area eateries and I do plan to go again.

From the Five Towns Yahoo Newsgroup. Date: April 09.
...this place has always been way up there in terms of service quality and value. Don't know where they find their ladies, but they are head and shoulders above the wait staff at most
other local eateries.

Submitted By: The Five-Towns Newsgroup. Tanya. Date: March 10.
Hi Koya is a great Kosher steakhouse/ meat restaurant in the industrial area of Caesaria. It is as good as the steakhouses I have been to in South Africa and a nice place to take visitors.

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