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All Hashem's Children
Inspiring stories about children with challenges
Compiled by Leah Grangewood, Zeisel Blumenfeld (Mandelcorn), Targum Press, 2009. Standard Size. 251 pages

These heartwarming, powerful, and deeply moving stories are important for everyone to read.

*Five-year old Dina will one day walk despite the pessimism of the specialists.

* Orly's mother withstood a barrage of criticism while she fought for a diagnosis: severe ADHD.

* Frummy’s mother is bearing the pain of her children’s disabilities, without the support of friends and family.

* Yochanan, barely able to read, enters the neighborhood Mishnayos contest—and wins.

In this soul-stirring collection of essays, we are granted a privileged glimpse into lives hallmarked by struggle and challenge. One thread unites them all: an unyielding, unconditional love and an iron commitment to treat every child as a special gift from G-d.

The children featured in these essays are living with an array of physical, social, and psychological disabilities. The emotions are raw, the experiences real.

But the hope is real, too, and so is the faith.

Exceptionally moving and beautifully written, this book makes us realize that regardless of our handicaps, we are all Hashem’s children.

Author: Compiled by Leah Grangewood and Zeisel Blumenfeld (Mandelcorn)

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All Hashem's Children, Inspiring stories about children with challenges,

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