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About Sushi
If you're not already a sushi fan, you have probably at least heard of, wondered about, or been intrigued by this unique food. You may have rejected the idea of eating sushi as too foreign or exotic, and the idea of eating raw fish - not big in Jewish cuisine - too far removed from the familiar. Before you exclude this specialty from your dining pleasure, let me offer some simple explanations of what sushi is made of, how it is prepared and how the people who do love it feel about it.

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Bnei Brak
Nagisa Sushi Bnei Brak - 13 Ben Gurion St, Bnei Brak 0777000333
Nagisa Sushi, Bnei Brak, is a good sushi and Asian food restaurant located in the Concord Tower building. The restaurant is simply decorated with clean lines and comfortable seating inside and outside the restaurant.

The electronic menu offers a variety of Japanese dishes including vegetarian and meat options. The sushi is prepared at the colorful open sushi bar. Lovely Sushi pieces are nicely presented on a white platter with all the trimmings.

Minato - 8 Hamenofim, Herzelia 09-7731703
Minato is a classic Japanese restaurant with a charming style. This is an Izakaya restaurant, the concept which is a meal made up of a stream of different small dishes that can be shared. Each dish is a small gem, beautifully presented and delicious.

The menu includes tasty sushi, salads, noodle dishes, meat-based dishes, meat on skewers and other delicious Japanese dishes.
The restaurant is located in the high tech area of Herzlia Pituach.

Sheyan - 8 Ramban St, Jerusalem 02-5612007
Sheyan is a lovely Asian "retreat" in Jerusalem. This is a beautifully designed restaurant with authentic Asian furniture and decorating elements. Every last piece of furniture, dish, utensil, art work, not to mention the cooks themselves, come directly from the Chinese mainland. And what a collection!

Sheyan Restaurant is large and spacious. The restaurant has one large dining space, a great outdoor terrace, and some smaller intimate corners. The beautifully decorated private party room is a perfect venue for a small family gathering or business meeting.

The food at Sheyan is delicious, plentiful, and reasonably priced. There are many choices including fish, and meat dishes. The noodle dishes are very reasonable and there is a complete Sushi menu.

Sheyan is a big, lively, busy restaurant with lots of positive energy. Reservations are a must.

Kfar Saba
Nagisa Sushi - 14 Hataas St, Kfar Saba 0777000333
Nagisa Sushi, Kfar Saba, is a good, serious, sushi and Asian food restaurant located in the Industrial area, on the eastern side of Kfar Saba. This is a spacious corner restaurant, with close parking in the shopping center on the perpendicular street.

The sushi is prepared at the colorful open sushi bar, while cooked dishes are prepared in the closed kitchen. You will be handed a tablet with a clear and easy to use application, where you can peruse the menu. had a very successful visit to this restaurant that offers a nice selection and delicious food.

Panko - 135 Ahuza, Ra'anana 09-7745353
Centrally located at the corner of Ahuza and Brandeis Streets, Panko offers tasty sushi, reasonable prices, and convenience. Whether you eat at the tables, pick up your order, or have it delivered, Panko offers all the different types of sushi: rolls, Fotomaki, Nigri, Sashimi, a host of combinations and more. Panko will prepare just about any mix of sushi that you request.

Miso soup, tempura, and Japanese salads round out the options, while non-sushi eaters will be pleased with Japanese style fish & chips, salmon fillet, or chicken breast.

Dim Sum Shop - 61 Even Gvirol, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 03-5278989
Dim Sum Shop is a street stand with a kitchen, and Tel Aviv-style sidewalk seating. What Dim Sum Shop lacks in atmosphere it more than makes up in out-of-this-world delicious food.

Dim Sum are the Chinese answer to what we know as Kreplach. These are dumplings of different shapes and colors, stuffed with either vegetables or meat. Dim Sum was originally meant to go with tea. Today we eat them as a meal or as a snack, with or without the tea.

Nini Hachi - 228 Ben Yehuda, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 03-6249228
Nini Hachi is the newest Asian Sushi Bar/Restaurant from Udi R., the Jonny Appleseed of Sushi restaurants. The kyoto restaurant chain, including all of its branches, Sekai (originally kosher), and now Nini Hachi together with partner Yoav, all owe their success to Udi.

This is one of Udi's more spacious restaurants. Seating on the entrance level is pleasant and spacious. There is seating around the sushi preparation bar and a good number of tables and chairs in a happy light wood and lime green color. The overall impression is light and relaxed. No frills, just good food.

Oshi Oshi - Hangar 21, Northern Port, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 1700-70-80-23
Oshi Oshi is a chain of restaurants with branches in the major cities. The branch at the Tel Aviv port is Kasher Límehadrin. The restaurant offers a great variety of expertly prepared sushi, and many noodle and vegetable dishes available with and without meat.

The calling card of this restaurant is its fantastic location facing the Mediterranean sea. Enjoy your meal at comfortable tables or on relaxing lounge furniture, as you take in the sea breeze and the Mediterranean ambiance.

Zichron Yaakov
Nili Wine House - 43 Hameyasdim St, Zichron Yaakov 04-6292899

Nili was created for true lovers of Wine and good food. The restaurantís menu focuses on a wonderful selection of boutique wines, paired with many unique dishes.

The specialty is the starters which are served with a complementary glass of wine.

In keeping with the theme of raising wine awareness the restaurant offers many different types of wine at wine shop prices with no corking fee.

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