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The Blessing of Enough
Rejecting Material Greed. Embracing Spiritual Hunger.
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. This World: The Values Network. Paperback 159 pages. NIS 50

This is a get-rich-quick book. Not the kind of rich you are tinking of, but spiritually rich - a lot more satisfying than material wealth.

The newest book from Rabbi Shmuley Boteach addresses the descent into feelings of inadequacy, material greed and the ailments of materialism, depression and existential emptiness. Rabbi Shmuley examines the spiritual root of America's chronic insatiability and offers philosophical and most importantly practicial ways in which to combat greed and lead a more holistic, spiritual and fulfilling life.

This unique book does not condemn the human need for expanision, but validates it. A meaningful life, says Rabbi Shmuley has spiritual ascendency over perpetual acquisition and meaningful relationships over competive one-upmanship.

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