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Using the eLuna App Version 3

for Android Smartphones

This version supports Android phones

The website is great on your computer at your desk. Now you can find all that important information when you are on the road, on your smartphone.

The eLuna app enables you to carry all the eLuna restaurant information and eLuna coupons in your pocket, wherever you go. Wherever you are in Israel, you will be able to find a restaurant and download a discount coupon.

Note: Version 3.0 of the eLuna mobile app supports only Android based smartphones.

All you need to do is install the eLuna app from the Google Play Store. The app is free of charge.

eLuna App Version 3.0

In February 2016 eLuna launched the new eLuna app version 3.0 for Android phones. If you are using an earlier version update to the new version. If you have not yet installed the app, a fresh installation will give you the newest version.

Version 3.0 improves the user experience. Many of the bugs that were reported have been fixed. All of the coupons at all of the restaurants are available.

A drop down menu will help you navigate the app. We have added help text and we have improved the coupon mechanism with My Collection.

Click the button at the top left of the screen to open the drop down menu.

The Drop Down Menu
At the top of the menu find My Collection. This is a personal bin where you will store all of your coupons. See below for a full explanation.

Find a restaurant by location, nearest you, by entering the name, by choosing the city or by viewing the eLuna best seller list and clicking over to one of the restaurants on this list.

eLuna restaurants offer special deals. These coupons are accessible on the eLuna app.

Have something to tell us? You can contact us directly through Contact Us on the app.

The heart of version 3.0 is My Collection. This is a personal bin where you will store all your coupons.

Your coupons remain in your My Collection bin for 30 days from the date received. You can use the coupons any number of times throughout that month. You can also gift the coupons to friends from the coupon page.

There's more...
Once a month eLuna will gift all the app users a discount coupon at a new restaurant. You must be running version 3.0 to receive the free coupons. Look for these coupons on your phone in My Collection.

Add coupons to My Collection before you go to the restaurant to be sure that you have the coupons that you need.

Online Mobile Coupons
Coupons on the eLuna mobile app cost 3 shekels each. They can be gifted to a friend for 1 shekel. Payments are made through paypal.

Just before you pay for your coupon the system will prompt you to confirm the restaurant where you are purchasing the coupon. That should eliminate purchasing the wrong coupon.

When you purchase a coupon our system will send an SMS notification to the restaurant.

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