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65 Yigal Alon, Tel Aviv
Telephone: 03-5364755
Kashrut: Rabanut Tel Aviv

Open Sunday - Wednesday: 12:00 noon till 12:00 midnight. Thursday: 12:00 noon - 1:00 am. Friday: 12:00 noon - One hour before Shabbat.
Open Motzei Shabbat: Half hour after Shabbat - 1:00 am. Closed Shabbat.

Meat Kitchen

Summer menu 2018

August 2016

Many restaurants call themselves chef restaurants, but Meat Kitchen is a real chef restaurant. Chefs Nadav Natsar and Elad Levi are masters of their art. At Meat Kitchen you are going to experience a truly delicious meal, with artistically presented and generous dishes, in a fine setting. The Meat Kitchen dining experience will remind you what a really great restaurant is all about. Since we visited Meat Kitchen we have not stopped raving about it.

Meat Kitchen - Indoors

The restaurant is in the general area of the Azrieli towers. It is in the business section of Tel Aviv,not far from Assuta and the Electra Tower. We were in this area by chance, and decided to try this restaurant. The restaurant is less than one kilometer south of Assuta on Yigal Alon. If you prefer to drive up to the restaurant, you’ll find ample parking in a lot next to the restaurant.

About The Meat Kitchen Menu

The menu is brief, with only two pages: starters and mains. Each dish is described with a detailed list of ingredients that will make your mouth water. My companion and I agreed to share a first course and each have a different main course. We shared a conservative Endive Salad from the menu of Starters, skipping the more sophisticated choices of sashimi, seared steak, beef carpaccio, and many more. Each of these items is enhanced with local vegetables, herbs and garden greens. Our salad was a lovely mix of iceberg lettuce, endives, apple slices, walnuts, and a fancy lettuce called Selnova (Muti Leas). The salad dressing was flavored with pineapple, a fine refreshing touch. The creative combination of flavors is typical of the entire menu.

For her main course, my companion selected the grilled filet of salmon. The fish was beautifully presented with chunks of well-seasoned vegetables. The fish, she reported, was delicious, perfectly prepared and super fresh. The fillet was accompanied by a grilled open faced potato, along with a smattering of yellow cherry tomatoes, shallots, wedges of grilled beet, grilled zucchini, and fennel (shumar in Hebrew). These were flavored with zaatar (hyssop), rosemary and lime. When we got home she pulled the zaatar and the rosemary out of the cupboard, promising to use these more in her cooking. If only.

Meat Kitchen - Meat Carpaccio

I splurged on the rather pricey beef filet. I am very picky about beef, and usually very critical, but this dish was a delight. Delivered to the table, the plate looked like a work of art. The meat came as two beef medallions cooked to a perfect medium, as ordered, slightly pink but not red. Each medallion was about 5 cm across and about 1 to 1.5 cm thick. The pieces were not huge, but certainly enough to satisfy. The meat was soft and tasty, with almost no perceptible fat, and the cherry sauce on top added a bit of sweetness without obscuring the taste of the meat. (The sauce can be ordered on the side if you prefer.) A small boat of garlic confit and a larger dish of potato puree completed the dish.

Meat Kitchen - bread
MeatKitchen is a large restaurant, seating about 100 diners. The décor is dark-sleek and modern with natural earth tones. Adding to the natural feel, are inserts of black volcanic rock suspended behind wire mesh on several walls. There is a gleaming bar with cocktails and a variety of alcoholic options. Enticing breads are displayed on a dividing table between the bar and the seating.

Meat Kitchen - GrillThe atmosphere conveys the dynamism of a growing Tel Aviv. There is outdoor seating as well off the street, in an enclosed area between the main room and the adjacent parking lot. And there is a private room with all the electronics for business meetings or presentations.

Parking is always scarce in this part of Tel Aviv, but there is a public parking lot abutting the restaurant. The entrance is around the corner on Yitzhak Sadeh Street. Drive through the lot as it swings back toward Yigal Alon Street, and you might get a spot right next to the restaurant.

From the menu: Endive salad, NIS 45; Salmon Filet, NIS 109; Beef Filet 250 gm, NIS 169.

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Meat Kitchen
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