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Hangar 21, North Port, Tel Aviv
Telephone: 1700-70-80-23
Kashrut: Badatz Beit Yosef

Open Sunday - Thursday: 12:00 pm. noon til 12:00 am. midnight.
Friday: 12:00 pm. - 5:00 pm. Open Motzei Shabbat: One hour after Shabbat till last customer. Closed Shabbat.

Oshi Oshi at the Port, Tel Aviv

July 2016
We went looking for Oshi Oshi in the northern Tel Aviv port on the recommendation of friends who said that they had the best sushi of their lives at this restaurant.
Well, maybe they exaggerated a bit, but the sushi was indeed very nice.

Oshi Oshi has an indoor seating area and a large outdoor deck facing the pedestrian walkway and the Mediterranean sea. We sat in both spaces.
How's that?
We started in the air conditioned indoor space where we could see how the restaurant ticks. We watched the skilled sushi man at the glass front sushi bar. We watched the flow of dishes from the semi-open kitchen and the cooperation between the service staff. Then, as the tables outside began to fill, we asked to relocate to one of the available tables outside and catch the beautiful sunset. Without ceremony, we were moved to a comfortable table on the deck facing the sea.

Oshi Oshi - Front View - Photo Courtesy of TripAdvisor
This picture is a Courtesy of TripAdvisor

Outdoors under an umbrella is without a doubt, the place to sit. On the deck you will catch the sea breeze and the gorgeous sunset. There are couches and low tables where small groups can enjoy the ambiance. Then there are standard height tables for standard dinning.

About The Oshi Oshi Menu

We started our meal with the well-touted sushi. This time it was a veggie inside-out. My companion and I shared the pieces, wondering if half a roll each, will satisfy our sushi cravings. This roll together with a very generous portions of vegetable tempura, was a great start to our meal. The tempura was mostly sweet potato with some mushrooms, with a nice tempura coating. Looking back at the menu, the dish is indeed described as sweet potato and mushroom tempura so I might not have expected this, but it is what I chose. The vegetable dish was served with spicy mayonnaise, teriyaki, soy sauce, and sweet chili sauce. My adventuresome companion tried them all.

This same adventuresome diner went on to enjoy a beef and noodle dish called Chili Pepper. This was an attractive bowl of noodles, red and green pepper, corn nibblets, carrot, and chunks of beef and chicken. The dish was so generous he finally had them pack it up to take home.

Getting There: The restaurant is in Hangar 21 in the northern port. At Hangar 21 there are shops and restaurants that face a park/playground. You want to go around these, and look for the restaurants facing the sea. Follow the breeze and you cannot miss it. Parking in a lot near Hangar 21.

Oshi Oshi - Sushi Roll Combination Oshi Oshi - Maki
Oshi Oshi - Tel Aviv North Port

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