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33 Yaffo Street, Jerusalem
Tel: 054-799-1220
Kashrut: Rabbanut Jerusalem

Open Sunday - Thursday: 11:00 am - the last customer. One hour after Shabbat - the last customer. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

Mike’s Place on Yaffo street in Jerusalem, is now kosher. This is the only kosher branch of this restaurant chain.

Mike's Place is a sports/bar/restaurant. You will enjoy delicious foods, a great selection of drinks from the bar while you enjoy watching the game with your buddies in style on any of their 5 big screens. In fact you can watch several games at once.

Make your party or get-together at Mike's Place

Mike's Place became one of the best known secrets in Jerusalem, It is one of the first bars in Israel to serve Guinness on tap. Mike's Place specializes in good food, beer, nightlife, free live music, sports and international atmosphere.

Mike's Place offers specials on food and drink during live games.There is free WI-FI for fantasy updates and never a cover charge N.F.L & Premiere League Football and other sports from around the globe shown via sattelite on 5 huge 2 Meter screens.

Mike's has live music seven days a week with
• Acoustic shows in the beginning of the week
• Open Mic night every Monday which is a chance for anyone to get on stage and show their thing
• Free style Jam sessions every Tuesday where anyone can get on stage and jam
• Great quality shows all weekend long that just keep getting better and better.

People ask how we find all these cool bands in Israel? Well its simple. The bands that play at Mike's Place do so because of you, thats right the audience. While Mike's Place is far from a high paying gig the best in Israeli musicians keep coming back because this is a rare chance for them to play their music for a listening educated audience that comes to listen and get down, not just eat a steak and watch.
So whether you're from the Kibbutz, the farm, the city or even Chicago, New York or L.A, come on down you're guaranteed a great time....

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