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5 Mashiach Barukhof St., Jerusalem
Near Mahane Yehudah
Tel: 02-6223331
Kashrut: Kosher Parve Badatz Jerusalem

Open Sunday - Thursday: 11:00 am. til 10:00pm. Friday: 9:00 am. till one hour before Shabbat.
Closed Shabbat and Motzei Shabbat.

Nagila Restaurant

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September 2014. Reviseted April 2015 Revised 2018
Nagila is a kosher vegan restaurant. The restaurant is 100% vegan, and therefore parve. There is no milk, no eggs and no fish. The restaurant prides itself on its unique and fresh salads, pasta dishes and home cooking.

Nagila is located in the Even Israel neighborhood neat Mahane Yehudah.. Mashiach Barukhof St is an passageway between Agrippas and Jaffa Road, near the beginning of Agrippas (think traffic circle closest to King George). It is opposite Messilat Yesharim Street, as if it were the continuation of that street.

Nagila - map

Mashiach Barukhof St has several restaurants and boutique shops, and makes for a very nice place to be in the center of town that is not plagued by the noise of the buses, cars and the light rail. Veteran Yerushalmim will find this a new and charming neighborhood to explore.

At the rear of the restaurant is the spacious and pleasant Even Yisrael Courtyard - a true oasis of green surrounded by Jerusalem stone buildings. Nagila has set up tables in this space as well. 

The style of the restaurant is simple Soho, nice tables, great art on the wall, and soft jazz playing in the background.  Excellent and courteous service as well. 
Nagila Restaurant - Interior Nagila Restaurant - Interior

The chef is a young, energetic woman who is knowledgeable and very passionate about her work. While she has no formal training, she grew up with a grandfather and mother who are excellent cooks. Her life experiences in the kitchen have clearly proven that she can succeed with any taste experience.

The Nagila Restaurant Menu

Nagila offers Mediterranean and European vegan cuisine made of fresh, high quality and healthy ingredients. That;s easy, considering the restaurant's closeness to the Mahane Yehuda Market. One taste of the food and you will realize the great advantage of being near the shuk. Everything is made to order, so please be patient - it is worth the wait.

My dining companion and I each started with soup. She had the Zucchini Soup, a thick yet fluffy combination of fresh ingredients and spices. It was a large bowl, but very easy to finish. I had the Gazpacho Soup, which was refreshingly cold and very well-spiced. This was a light tomato soup with lots of fresh veggies and fresh cucumber garnish. 

The whole wheat Couscous was perfectly prepared - light, and delicious! It came with a thick puree of veggies with veggie chunks including sweet potatoes, chick peas, zucchini, carrots, potatoes, and more.  On top of the couscous was a lentil patty. That by itself could be served as a main dish. Scrumptious! We tried the Limonana Drink - a very good choice.

Nagila offers a sandwich menu: 28NIS - 32NIS, including a Vegan Sandwich; and they offer a wide selection of Salads: 25NIS - 46NIS, a full breakfast for one: 45NIS or two 80NIS. soup: 24NIS - 28NIS. Limonana Drink 12NIS. Baladi Eggplant: NIS 26, Homemade Bread and dip sauces: NIS 22, Ravioli Pumpkin Pasta: NIS 62, , Desserts: NIS 25 - 27. Couscous 55NIS.

Note: The restaurant can seat about 35+ people, and is available for private events any time day or night. They offer take away (though call first to order so it will be ready when you are there and you won't have to wait), but not delivery, and Nagila would be happy to offer its quality cooking as catering to an event off the premises.

Nagila Revisited. April 2015
Sometimes Jerusalem is just a festival. We stopped in at Nagila one Friday afternoon when the days were just starting to get long. Parking was easy at the pay parking lot at the traffic circle on Agripas St. Mashiach Borochof is an alleyway just steps from the parking lot. Several restaurants share this street, and there was substantial foot traffic and even musical entertainment at the different restaurants. There was a festive party like atmosphere.

Nagila restaurant is a bit off beat, and a bit off the beaten path. The restaurant has an informal and relaxed atmosphere, and a natural feel that is warm and friendly. It is the adult version of places that I would seek out in my college days. Not too expensive with good honest food, this is a place you want to come back to. The restaurant was very agreeable, and I believe that if I lived closer to Jerusalem this would be one of my standard hang-outs.

My companion and I shared a salad and a legume dish. The salad was fresh and crisp and the legume dish was warm and tasty. It was true comfort food in an ever so comforting space.

Where did the name Mashiach Borochof come from? The land was owned by the Borochof family, olim from Buchara. Son Mashiach built his imposing house at the corner of Yaffo Street. In the 1930's the land was sold and was eventually acquired by Bank Discount, which has a branch on this property to this day.

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