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9 Bareket St., Petach Tikvah
Tel: 03-6296240
Kashrut: Kosher Dairy and Fish – Rabbanut Petach Tikva

Open Sunday - Thursday: 8:00 pm. till last customer.
Open Motzei Shabbat: 1 hour after Shabbat till last customer. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

Tarlach Kosher Israeli Bar

January 2015
Petach Tikva is not the sleepy suburb of Tel Aviv of yore. New neighbourhoods, young blood and an ever growing dati population has changed Petach Tikva. The kosher Tarlach Israeli Bar in Petach Tikva’s industrilal zone is proof of the change.

Tarlach is the year in the Jewish calendar that Petach Tikva was founded. It translates to 5638 on the Jewish calendar and corresponds to the year 1878 in the secular calendar. That was the year that the famous Yehoshua Stampfer, Yoel Moshe Solomon and friends founded the first settlement in what was to become Petach Tikva. You may not remember the story but you surely know the song.

Fast forward to the year 2013. Three ambitious young “srugim” (knitted kippah-wearers) from Petach Tikva opened Tarlach gastro-pub, This is a kosher bar with a great selection of alcohol and trendy Israeli food and music. Tarlach celebrates Zionism in general, and the founding of Petach Tikva in particular.

Tarlach - Indoors
This is what a pub should be: dimly lit but roomy, with a choice of tall bar seating, tables and chairs for diners, and sofas for those wishing to relax while eating and drinking in a easy going yet lively atmosphere. There’s even a long balcony with seating where you can enjoy the balmy weather.

About The Tarlach Menu

I call Tarlach a gastro-pub. While there are lots of great alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, there is also wholesome (dairy) food that would do any good restaurant proud. Enjoy ‘After the Rain,’ a dish with Portobello and Champignon mushrooms in a crispy, crunchy pie, earthy, filling and very tasty The tabouleh is a vibrant mix of lentils, quinoa and cranberries – highly recommended. There is fish & chips and ‘Zionist Toast’: hard boiled egg, mozzarella, olive tapenade, fresh zaatar served in a generous traditional bagel.

Tarlach - Cocktail

But the highlight of the menu is the drinks, and what a huge choice is on offer. There is draught and bottled beer, vodka, liqueurs, whiskeys, tequila, rum, red, white and sparkling wines. There are classic cocktails and Tarlach special cocktails. Try the Yankele – a mix of whiskey, russo and orange; or the deliciously refreshing Maya Bee made with honey, rum, lemon and orange juice.

Tarlach hosts a multitude of performers, rock concerts and lecturers. If you’re there at midnight, you pay 10 NIS for a chaser while the ballad of Yoel Solomon (one of the pioneers of Petach Tikva) is played in the background.

Tarlach is not your regular pub, you’ll agree, but a breath of fresh air and a very, welcome addition for people seeking a meal and a drink in a friendly, hip atmosphere less than 20 minutes from Tel Aviv.

Well done Tarlach for putting Petach Tikva on the kosher entertainment map.

Vodka NIS 35 – NIS 40, blended whiskey NIS 34– NIS 44, Special cocktails NIS 35– NIS 38, tabouleh NIS 35, fish and chips NIS 44, After the Rain mushroom dish NIS 34.

Tarlach - Focaccia

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